Breakthrough UC San Diego Brain Recording Device Receives FDA Approval for a Clinical Trial

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Record-breaking density

Dayeh’s team has pioneered human brain and spinal cord mapping with thousands of channels since 2019, and has reported early safety and efficacy results in a series of articles published in Science Translational Medicine in 2022 in human subjects. PtNRGrid is the only device with thousands of channels to demonstrate in peer-reviewed publications that it can map motor and language brain activity, as well as epileptic discharges, by producing panoramic videos of brain waves over 10 square centimeters of the brain’s cortex while maintaining resolution at a microscopic level. 

 Currently, Dayeh’s research group holds the world record of recording brain activity from a single cortical grid with 2,048 channels on the surface of the human brain published in Science Translational Medicine in 2022. The device was used in the operating room of Dr. Ahmed Raslan of the OHSU. Since then, the team has increased the number of recording channels to 4,096 and continues to work on increasing the number of channels in the grid to monitor brain activity in even higher resolution.

Pending success of this staged trial, the team will transition to the next crucial step of making the PtNRGrid available for commercial use at scale. Demonstrating that ECoG grids with sensors in the thousands of channels record brain activity with high fidelity also opens new opportunities in neuroscience for uncovering a deeper understanding of how the human brain functions. Basic science advances, in turn, could lead to improved treatments grounded in enhanced understanding of brain function.

“Our goal is to provide a new atlas for understanding and treating neurological disorders, working with a network of highly experienced clinical collaborators at UC San Diego, MGH, and OHSU,” Dayeh said. 

Dayeh’s work toward the FDA approval is supported by an NIH BRAIN® Initiative award # UG3NS123723.

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